Just a small update!

I created a brand of items that are found in the world in rabblFPS called “Raventek” as an homage to two good friends of mine who have supported my indie dev projects over the years.

The first prop was a Raventek road flare that I used to illuminate some dark areas in the map I’ve been chipping away at over the last few months. (As shown here) — Now I’ve introduced a box of 5.56x45 NATO ammo with the same brand.

I plan to add a few more Raventek products in the world (i.e. medkits, bandages, etc).

For those curious, I modeled the 5.56x45 rounds and the box in Blender 3D and created the materials in UE4, with the exception of the ammo box texture which was laid out in Photoshop

Raventek 5.56x45 NATO Ammo Box
Raventek 5.56x45 NATO Ammo Box
Raventek 5.56x45 NATO Rounds